Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Appreciating Art

The Tuesday after Christmas the boys and I were just hanging out at the house. They were content to play with all the new stuff they got for Christmas, I however, was bored. I tried to get them to go to the art museum downtown. I haven't been there in years, Cody had gone there for a field trip in 2nd grade and I don't Devin has ever been there.
We have gone to the Science museum recently and they both really enjoyed that. We've been to the Children's museum and the museum about magnets, so I thought that the art museum would be a good choice.

Dev: "why can't we just stay home"?

Me: "aren't you bored"?

Cody: "no"

Me: "wouldn't it be nice to get out of the house"?

Dev: "why do you want to go to a dumb museum and look at a bunch of art made by OTHER people"?

Cody: "yeah mom, why do you want to go look at art made by OTHER people when I make you art all the time"?

One of the gifts Cody had given me for Christmas this year was a picture he had drawn for me in art class at school. He actually drew it for me LAST year for Christmas but had forgotten it. He left it in his are folder at school for a year, and then wrapped it up and gave it to me this year. It was all bent and folded and was one of my favorite gifts I received this year.

Needless to say we didn't go to the museum that day...
I don't know if it was Mommy guilt or if I am just a sucker, but we stayed home that day.
The boys played with their new legos and I spendt some time appreciating the art they have given me over the years.

I'm working on a scrapbook page about the drawing Cody gave me for Chrismas, it's not done yet, so in the meantime here is the drawing he did for me.


Christina January 21, 2009 at 12:03 AM  

Do you have the Gallery Templates? I am using those to display Tyler's art. He loves it so far!

llaxton January 21, 2009 at 12:39 AM  

That is a very cool drawing. My DD loves to draw...I have a huge stack of projects she has given me. Someday I will have to figure out what to do with them!

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